Private health cover can offer a contribution towards the expense of dental health care.  They certainly provide a useful service, as well as, maintain a profit.  Unfortunately, many benefit plans are limited and people have misunderstandings about their dental coverage and the role of their health fund.

Often, patients ask us questions regarding dental cover.  We would like to be able to answer every question, but with so many insurance companies, each offering so many different plans, the variables are endless.  It is your right to be able to choose who provides your dental care & you should not be disadvantaged with lower rebates, by your insurer, if you choose not to see a preferred provider.  Health insurance should be regarded just as any other product you purchase.  If you feel you health insurer is not adequately meeting your needs, spend some time investigating the many other insurers available, to find the policy which is right for you.

Dental health cover has its limitations.  Most insurers are not consistent in their cover.  In addition, most schemes do not include all treatment items and often impose annual limits or other restrictions.  This can limit the type, quality & quantity of dental treatment you have.

Dental health cover is a contract between a patient and the health fund. Our office remains independent of this contract; hence, we are not "preferred providers. This allows us to make a responsible decision in how to set our fees according to our overheads & expenses, which in turn, allows us to offer the best possible treatment, using the best equipment, materials & technology available. It also allows us to update our equipment, materials & to keep up to date with the latest treatment procedures, materials & equipment.

It is the responsibility of the patient to meet the cost of the treatment, including any gaps, we will gladly assist you, in understanding and collecting any dental benefits, you are entitled to, via our HICAPS facility, which allows direct and immediate claims to be processed.

Our office treats people, not insurance plans.  Our mission is to provide excellent dental care regardless of dental benefits. Free dental care & excellent dental care is not necessarily the same thing.


If you would like more information about theprivate health funds, visit the Private Health Ombudsman website.