Latest Technology

At Fairview Park Dental Clinic we have recently installed new dental chairs and running equipment which means this will deliver a higher level of infection control, efficiency & comfort for our patients.

These improvements have allowed us to incorporate new equipment to allow us to provide increased treatment options and increased treatment comfort.

We also have intra-oral cameras and monitors to allow you to see in your mouth. The monitors also allow us to show you information about your treatment.

Advanced, up to date materials

We pride ourselves on our commitment to keep abreast of & investigate new advancements in filling materials & other dental materials, so that we can be sure we are delivering the very best to our patients. We up date our materials & techniques regularly when we find advancements or improvements in the technology.

Intraoral camera

We have an intraoral camera so we can show our patients exactly what is going on in their mouth. These pictures are clear & accurate & we file them in your electronic file for future reference.

LCD screens

Our overhead LCD screens allow us to show you either photos from the intraoral camera, your xrays, informational videos or even a DVD during your treatment. Kids especially enjoy watching a DVD during their treatment.


Microabrasion can be used in a variety of ways, but a main example is the removal of stubborn stains & marks in teeth.

Infection Control

At Fairview Park Dental Clinic we have a commitment to keeping up to date with the latest infection control protocols and procedures.

In an effort to provide the safest environment for our patients, all of our staff attend infection control update seminars. It is with great pride that we found that our clinic has had in place the latest recommended changes for some time.

In addition, our clinic voluntarily applied for, and was awarded, certification by an independent organisation for our infection control practices.