Over the past few years we have seen an increase in requests by our patients for “in surgery” one hour teeth whitening.

Up until now we were reluctant to offer this service, because we were not happy with the results, procedure and products that were available.

There have been recent advances in this area and a new system has become available. After careful research and consideration we have included this option into our services, which allows us to successfully whiten teeth in one hour, with long lasting results.

This whitening system is called Zoom! Advanced Power Whitening.

This is not the same as previous Zoom Whitening systems that you may have heard of.

It is a new system that uses a different light source and produces better, more predictable and longer lasting results.

It will whiten teeth that have been discoloured by aging, tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine etc.

It also whitens teeth that are naturally yellow or even grey from tetracycline or other chemicals and medications.

As with any other whitening product, Zoom will not lighten porcelain, composite or any other filling material. In most cases this is not a problem if it is in the back teeth, but if it is in the front teeth on the smile side, your dentist may recommend replacing these to match the colour of your new white smile.

To find out more about the Zoom Advanced Power Teeth Whitening System, please see the video below: