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Archie our Dental Aid Dog has joined the Fairview Park Dental Clinic team in November 2018 to give our patients emotional support in our reception area.


What is a Dental Aid Dog?

Our Dental Aid Dog is trained to help our patients overcome dental anxiety whilst waiting for your appointment. It can help with a fear, phobia or anxiety for any adults or children attending the dental clinic.

It is similar to a Therapy Dog that visits nursing homes and schools. We have also seen them recently in the Invictus Games helping our service men and women.


Who is Archie?


Archie is our newest team member and he is a miniature Labradoodle with a non-shedding fleece coat. He was born on the 14th January 2018 and he is owned by our Dental Assistant Kerry and her family. Archie lives at home with them and he loves lots of walks to burn up that puppy energy but equally loves to laze around. He loves people, all sized dogs (especially at the dog park). His favourite toys are ropes, his teddy bear and of course treats. His weakness is socks and tissues, so they are not to be left around.


                    Archie pupArchie at home


Can you pat him?


YES OF COURSE, he would love you too!! This is something we frequently get asked and of course who wouldn't want to? He maybe wearing his special coat but he's not the same as a guide dog for the blind. Archie is there for our patients to give love, support, massages, tickles behind the ears >he loves it all.



How often does Archie visit Fairview Park Dental Clinic?


He will be coming in a couple of times a week, as all employees, Archie too needs a little R&R away from the office and won’t be in the practice all the time. He has been coming in since he was 8 weeks old for visits at the clinic, enjoying playing out the back on the grassed area and this gave him training to get use to the surroundings.






As Archie is non-shedding hypoallergenic labradoodle, which is great for the clinic. He is one of the cleanest dogs around by being clipped regular, washed and pruned to keep extra clean.

We have strict hygiene standards in place for having a dog in our clinic. This is very important to us as we understand we are in the health care setting.

He is not allowed in certain areas of the clinic and we also make sure he stays clear of certain equipment for everyone’s safety. We also have on hand sanitiser for cleaning hands after patting him as this is very important for our staff & our patients. (this is in addition to our usual infection control protocols). 

Colgate also have a great article about Pet Therapy in the dental office. Follow the link to see more: Colgate Pet Therapy



Not a dog lover?


We are also aware that not everybody loves dogs and this is why when he is at the clinic he is behind the gated desk. We make sure our patients are happy for him to come out to pat him or cuddle him in the waiting room.

Hopefully everybody will learn to love him as much as we all do.


Appointments with Archie?

If you have an appointment scheduled or want to make one and you are wanting to see Archie? Please call our friendly staff on 8251 1133 to find out when he is in next.

You’ll see more photos on Facebook, follow the link: Fairview Park Dental Clinic

or on Instagram: ARCHIE_DENTALDOG









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