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dental implant2


A small titanium fixture (which takes the place of the root of your missing tooth) is placed into your jawbone. Attached to the fixture is an abutment that supports a lifelike prosthetic crown, bridge or a denture. A single tooth can replace a missing tooth. A group of implants can replace many teeth or even support a removable denture.The treatment time can vary but an average time after placing an implant is around 3 months.

We are using cutting edge technology by using computer guided keyhole implant treatment, with careful planning we aim to provide you with an excellent individualized permanent tooth replacement.

The phases of treatment include:

The Planning Phase

We do extensive planning before an implant fixture is placed into healthy bone of your jaw. We send you to have a special 3D CBCT scan of you jawbone so we can assess if you are good candidate. We will then do a 3D diagnostic digital scan of your teeth and then have these two 3D images aligned using computer softare. This allows us to see the best place to put the fixture and the size that is needed. If you have enough bone, we will make an appointment to show you this 3D generated image and if you are happy to go ahead we will then have a surgical implant guide made.

Implant Surgery

An average implant is 4mm wide and 12mm long, most implant fixtures are quite small. The implant surgery is a minor keyhole procedure and is done under local anaesthetic. Placing the implant, we will use the digitally made surgical guide (which has been made for your mouth) place the implant and take digital radiographs to verify the placement of the implant. You can expect minor discomfort afterwards (panadol would be more than enough if needed) and sometimes a course if antibiotics may be given only as a precaution. The bone grows onto the implant and fixes into the jaw. This takes time, usually around 3 months. We place a healing cap at the level of the gums which gives us access to the implant fixture for the restoration phase of treatment.

The Restoration Phase

This phase can take several short dental appointments, the first appointment we will take a digital scan of your implant and mouth. This digital scan gets sent to the laboratory for a custom made tooth replacement which gets placed onto your implant. A short appointment is made to insert your new tooth and a digital radiograph is taken to confirm correct seating of implant components.

The Maintenance Phase

Daily home care and regular professional care are necessary to ensure that the implant connections, gums, and bite forces are all in good order. Neglected implants can develop inflammation and infections. Implants components over time can loosen and may require tightening or replacement.


Follow the link above for a great video explanation


mis implant


  • Invisalign is the virtually invisible way to straighten teeth without braces. The Invisalign System uses a combination of proprietary virtual modelling software, rapid manufacturing, mass customisation and virtually clear, removable ‘aligners’ to straighten teeth without metal or wires!
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  • Gum disease may progress painlessly, producing few obvious signs. That is one reason why regular dental check ups are very important. Visit your dentist immediately if you notice any of the following signs...
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  • Invisalign is a unique system that can correct common problems such as overcrowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, crossbites, overbites and underbites, using nearly invisible, removable spacers!
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  • At Fairview Park Dental Clinic we offer a wide variety of routine and specialist dental services. We also focus on families with a play area to make children feel comfortable.
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  • Our clinic sources our technicians very carefully, to provide the best possible work, using the best materials for each case. We spend the time to ascertain and understand exactly what materials our technicians use for any lab work we request to ensure our patients are getting the best possible product every time.
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  • Did you know that Fairview Park Dental Clinic is involved in supporting our community in many ways? We conduct oral health education sessions at local kindergartens and child care centers. Our aim is to plant the seed in children early that prevention is the best dental plan, so that they will reduce the need for major dental surgery later in their lives.
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  • For your convenience we accept various forms of payment. We also have Hicaps facilities, so you can swipe your health card to automatically calculate your gap. And we are Veterans Affairs provider and accept the DVA cards.
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